Wednesday, February 22, 2012


The other day, I read a posted comment in Facebook made by Joe, a friend of mine. He wrote something like the coffee is flowing and it was snowing and proceeded to reveal to everyone what he was having for dinner. That was it! He had nothing more to say. The incredible part of the whole thing is he actually received comments from other friends. He has even posted a comment that he is going out to eat and even a note that he pinched a nerve in his back. On the other hand, my fourteen year old grandson is constantly putting thought provoking one-liners on Facebook such as, “Is it wrong to tell a homeless person a knock knock joke?”

For the longest time, I considered such trivia talk as a waste of time and a direct reflection of the writer’s mental I.Q. I couldn’t help but wonder why people don’t use this median for something a bit more profound. Maybe a discussion might break out over an important and worldly matter such as politics, tension in the East or the price of oil. However, lately, I have been leaning the other direction. I’m beginning to think that Facebook is best if left for the over-the-back-fence talk. We get way too much serious and depressing talk by just turning on the news. Besides all that, people get enough bad news at work. They want to come home, fire up the computer and see what Joe is having for dinner.

So, you tell me. Are we missing the boat by talking about the weather and such? Should we be using this median for the exchange and sharing of insightful and provocative ideas? There is a comment thingy just below this blog. Just click on the Comment button and let me know what you think. I’ve been wrong before as my wife will certainly attest, so give me your spin on this.

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