Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I once read that Alfred Einstein once said that you’d have to be a fool not to believe there was thought that went into all this. Even if you only considered the incredible human body. As sophisticated and high tech as we are, we don’t have a clue as to how such a complicated and intricate device known as the brain was ever invented and then enclosed into every human body ever conceived. If there hadn’t been thought included with the invention of the body, your bones would rub together causing great pain at your joints. Instead, some thought went into it, and what we get is a tiny sac at each joint that generates a fluid that lubricates the joint. That fluid is many times slicker than anything man has ever made. Good grief, our bodies even have a sensor that is of a social nature. It warns us when we need to find a bathroom. Tell me that wasn’t planned to avoid embarrassment. If that sensor hadn’t been implanted in us, we’d be no different than the common farm animal. Ask any doctor if he believes such an incredibly complicated machine was conceived by chance.

When I was young, I believed the human brain was the ultimate thinking machine. There was many things I didn’t understand such as how the universe has no wall out there and yet how could the universe keep expanding. And if it does continually expand, where is it expanding to? (if you’ll pardon the grammatical error.)  It wasn’t until I was much older that it finally occurred to me that the human brain isn’t so hot after all. In fact, I’m quite sure we were given a brain only capable of sustaining our everyday life here on earth. You know what I mean. Our brains are smart enough to remind us to zip up, close your mouth when you belch and so on. There’s no way we will ever understand the universe, how it all came to be and especially the Creator Himself.

Now I’ve tried to be unbiased and as objective as I can be. I only mentioned God once, and I called Him the Creator. So, let’s hear from you. If you agree with me, I’d be most happy to hear from you. If you are an atheist, now is the time to let us know how it all began. I promise I will not make any rebuttals on any comments. It’s free speech time. Just click on the Comments thingy at the bottom of this page. Love to hear from ya.  


  1. Only the creator - could possibly make our brain and all of the things that work together.
    Good article

  2. Never really thought of it like that. The human body is amazing

  3. Where did God come from? The Universe is endless but He chose Earth as his favored planet? Where did Cain get his wife? Why do we have to go to the bathroom at all? Why do babies die or get killed? Why are the Jews the chosen people? What people from where authored the Bible? If God made the Devil why can't he remove him. Why are we born guilty of sin? I didn't do it. Did you? Why do Christians look at porn? What is His master plan here? Ever notice that our exact enemies are also enemies of God's? Why does Notre Dame loose games? Where do our souls come from? Where did the cave men come from? Why is masterbation a sin?
    Why is God so unspecific and vague about things? If He loves us so much why did he allow Algebra to be invented?

  4. Most people don't know this but the human brain also comforts us from death. It also provides mental shielding from stuff we don't want to remember and is also responsible in healing our wounds. It's a pretty amazing part of the body, but so is the heart.

    1. Alcohol does all those things too!

  5. I like this post. It was very interesting. Einstein was a smart man, but lets not knight him into sainthood. He did have a long, sexual relationship with his first cousin. I'm not going to judge him. She might have been really hot, but hopefully they didn't intentionally reproduce any retarded children. I don't think they did. Anyways, lets get back to the believe or not question. I definately believe. Life is too great to have been created by accident. Nobody has all the answers, because that is the way God wants it. If you stop and think about it, most questions are usually more interesting than thier answers. I especially thought the many questions from anonymous Mar 7 were intelligent and interesting. You will have to read the bible more often for the answers to your more complex questions. I find God gives revelation to people that ask. However, I can help you the more easier questions. God's master plan is to create heaven on earth. He is coming back, and it will happen. You will hopefully get an inventation to the party. God's anoited people authored the bible. The devil does not have to be removed from anywhere. He has already been defeated. People are born into sin, because the world is an evil place. It is evil, because people choose to do evil things. God did not make us robots. He gave us the freedom of choice. If he wanted robots, he would have created robots. They would have been cool, awsome robots too. People are assholes, because the choose to be assholes. Nobody should blame God for their poor decesion making. That is why I usually vote republican. Notre Dame does not win many football games, because their football program sucks. At least they don't cheat and lie like that team from ohio state. Christians look at porn because it is awesome, and we are not perfect. God doesn't have any enemies. He only hates sin. Your soul, just like your arms, and legs come from God. I did not know masterbation was a sin. I will try to stop. Damn, out of kleenex again!