Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Follow up to my last blog, DO YOU BELIEVE OR NOT

I wasn't expecting quite this much activity from my last Blog, DO YOU BELIEVE OR NOT. I received several Comments as well as emails sent to me expressing their opinions whether it be pro God or from a non-believer point of view. Thank God we all live in a free country and can express our opinions. Actually, I shouldn't say that because I'm getting people from all over the world reading these blogs, and I'm not sure what regulations they have on freedom of speech.

The reason I am doing a follow up is that I would really like to hear from the non believers as to how they believe this all started. Actually, in the original blog, that was what I had solicited in the first place and received many opinions but no beliefs as to how universe, earth, life and what not got started. So I'm going to try it again. Give me your views as to how it all began. I'm not trying to prove some point or anything; it's just that I am really interested. Athiests have their own beliefs, so here is a chance to share them.

Just click the word, "COMMENT" at the bottom of this blog and give us your views.

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  1. Where did God come from? How could life just start from nothing? Who's God is the right God?
    Could we have come from a lesser life form? Some YouTube participants lead us to believe we did.
    How big is God considering the Universe is infinite. Why would any God pick this tiny speck in the unlimited universe to make His pet planet? Does God use logic? Does he really have time to watch every move I make? Why are we born guilty of sin? I thought he was a just God. My brother breaks it and I get punished doesn't quite qualify as "just". Can you use religion as an insurance policy? " I'd rather say I belive and be wrong than to say I don't believe and be wrong." I've actually heard this before from a self professed (ah hum) Christian. I don't see how logical people could think the invisible man exists. It's a mind control tool which has been pound into our minds by well meaning people over hundreds of years. It's been a comfort to many but an ungodly burden to just as many. Religion has caused many murders and torture and the bias of it causes world misery right now as I type this. We can be good without an artificial guardian, people. Here's one to blow your mind. Where did God and the universe start from. Everything has a beginning and a end doesn't it. So, what happened?