Wednesday, April 25, 2012

REINCARNATION: Fact or Fiction

Not long ago there was a news broadcast about an eleven year old boy who had once been, in another life, an airplane pilot in World War11. At the onset of the story, I was as skeptical as anyone else, but as the story progressed my skepticism changed to, "Oh my God!"

This eleven year old boy knew the man's name, the ship he was on during the war, and actually described the bay of water overseas where he was shot down. He clearly described the plane he was flying and very intricate details of it that only a pilot would know. Not only did he know the name of the ship that he was on but was able to name all of the other ships in the taskforce.

When the news media got hold of this, they did some research and found that the man from World War11 had a sister who was still alive. They called her and turned the phone over to the young boy. He then proceeded to tell her things that only her brother would have known.

Okay, Folks, I'm appealing to all of my readers out there. Has anyone had an experience quite like this? Just hit the COMMENT button down below or send me an email. I am new at this stuff and am really curious.


  1. interesting - I've never had such an experience but I don't doubt that it is possible - I am a Christian, a firm believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, but there are many things in our world that happen that the Bible does not explain - who's to say that some souls don't "wander" a bit before they settle for eternity - I like to keep an open mind and I don't disregard - anyone's ideas unless I've proved them wrong myself :)) Judy

  2. I'm not sure about reincarnation but I think its possible. The human body always seem to protect us as there is a plan for everything so who's to say there was never a plan for death? When we get sick, the human body heals itself. When we get cut, we get scabs and its usually heals to where it was like we were never cut in the first place. Therefore, death could be the same way. I think our bodies will always exist and that death, in some regards, doesn't really mean the end. So another chance at life doesn't seem too far off. It could mean its an endless cycle.