Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I see it all the time. Hell, it happened to me. You start out as husband and wife. And that's great. The next thing you know you have kids running around demanding your attention. Now, you're not only husband and wife but dad and mom too. You have jobs, even careers that not only require your attention but your devotion as well. Family and friends need you just about everyday. And what about that house that needs cleaning and repairs. Just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day.

What am I talking about? I'm not talking about the stress of everyday life. I'm talking about what all this does to a marriage.One of the most hackneyed statements I've ever heard is, "You need to work at a marriage." Good Lord, I've heard that all my life, but you know something, it's very true. You go about your life struggling with your job, the kids, the house, and the next thing you know you're staring at a mommy or a daddy and not a wife or a husband. Somewhere along the way, the mommy and daddy labels took over, and the husband and wife disappeared.

It happened to me. After years of struggling with life, I stepped back and looked at what once was my wife and saw a mother. Actually, I looked upon her as if she was my sister, and we all know that you don't look at your sister with passion in your eyes.

If you're married and got a bunch of kids dominating your life, wake up! You might just be falling in that trap. Get a babysitter for the little brats, and the two of get out of the house. If you are smart, you will go out together on a date equipped with flowers, dinner, a movie and maybe go park the car on some deserted country road. Damn it have fun! You'd better pay attention to that spouse of yours because one day you could be splitting up the household belongings and going your separate ways.

 I hope this whole thing was a waste of my time. I hope you realized what was going on years ago and still love your mate as much as the day you were married. If not, learn from my mistakes, and before this day is over go grab that mate of your and hug and kiss them like you never did before. Why not? It couldn't hurt!

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