Friday, December 21, 2012


I had a dream one wintry night
as the moon was full and bright.
The snow fell softly on a tree,
that stood alone just like me.
Then a man came walking by
whose caring look caught my eye.
It was Jesus walking there,
calmly in the cold night air.
In my heart at once I knew,
all I had learned of Him was true.
He is the light in children's eyes
and shining stars in clear night skies.
Life's answer to each hurt and wrong,
the peace we've needed for so long.
It was the holy Christmas season,
and He had come by for a reason.
He put a bow upon the tree.
a symbol of his gift for me.
I woke up thinking of my dream,
amazed at just how real it seemed.
From my window I saw the bow,
crimson red on the pure white snow.
Ribbons were flowing down the tree,
like the blood He shed for me.
I was in awe of the bright red bow,
then I saw His footprints in the snow.


  1. How do you go from writing erotica to religious poetry?