Friday, May 9, 2014


It was the first day of spring, and, as every first day of spring, Murphy Flemming grabbed his coat to head downtown. The tradition had been set some ten years before that everyday there were four old men sitting for an hour on what became known as the geezer benches. Besides Murphy, there was Walter who just happened to hate his resident ex-son-in-law, Sully, who just happened to be the third member. The fourth and newly appointed member was Riley Hoagland. Riley was an overweight, sixty-five year old virgin, who had never been on a date and was still living with his mother. After an hour of light-hearted talk, they would return to their private world of happiness and sometimes sorrow. The Geezer Bench is full of laughter and sorrow. It is about life as we knew it years ago and life as we know it today.

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